Intention of this blog

I am currently a college student. I did a project this past fall semester where I had to make an imaginary art exhibition. I chose Nils-Udo as one of the artists for my exhibition. As I was looking around online, I found that images of his work  were too small and at times so blurry I could not even understand what was going on in the image. Also, there was either no information or only partial information on each piece.

This frustrated me, especially since my project required me to print out images and have the basic info on each piece. I was able to check out the book Nils-Udo: Art in Nature by Hubert Besacier from my college’s library so everything worked out.

After the semester, I got to thinking that not everyone may be able to check out this book or their library may not carry this book. And in general, information spreads faster on the internet. I have scanned images of this artists’s artwork to hopefully spread awareness on the awesomeness of Nils-Udo. All of the images and information attached to the images posted on this blog, unless noted otherwise, are from the book¬†Nils-Udo: Art in Nature by Hubert Besacier.

To clearly state the purpose of this blog: to spread accurate information on the artwork of Nils-Udo.

I do not claim to be any kind of Nils-Udo expert but I would be happy to at least try and answer questions on Nils-Udo. Also, if you see something that does not look correct please let me know.