Yellow Branch Over Water (description)

‘Untitled’ beech branch, plane tree fruit, 2000, Auvergne, France

Image/Text Source  ’Nils-Udo: Art in Nature’ by Hubert Besacier

This image spanned two pages in the Nils-Udo book but I decided to scan the side with more of the image on it. There is some more branch on the right side with a stick holding the art piece up. There is also more background. This branch is basically in the middle of the background, with even amount of ’empty space’ on both sides. I thought it would be nice to at least to show others that this image existed and perhaps they could find the whole image for themselves online or in a book.


Four Sunflower Heads on Stream (description)

‘Untitled’ sunflower heads with the seeds removed, guelder rose berries, bishop’s mitre, seeds of bishop’s mitre afloat on a stream, 1993, Danube marshlands, Bavaria, Germany

Image/Text Source  ’Nils-Udo: Art in Nature’ by Hubert Besacier